Institutional Best Practices


Objectives of the Practice:

To provide the students of the college with academic support and career guidance by improving technical, professional, and digital skills and enable our students to be future-ready.

The Context:

With the partnership of reputed technology organizations, the students will be trained in a skill set. The faculties of the College are also undergoing training and FDP under the scheme. Highly valued skill development programs will enable them to be on par with the industry.

The Practice:

  • Hosting Skilling Initiatives on the campus
  • Opportunity to search for jobs from highly reputed institutions
  • Chance to participate in placement drives across organizations
  • Online access to e-learning content
  • Industry Projects/Visits as part of internship connect
  • Access to MOOCs
  • Career Development Workshops

Evidence of Success:

The increase in the Placement of our students is itself evidence of success.

Problems Encountered and Resources Required:

Our college zone is facing an internet issue and a few students do not have smartphones. Computers with good internet speed/ Internet corners are required to cater to the needy students.


Title of the  Practice            “Waste to Worth”

Objectives of the Practice

The magnificent objective of the Institution, as its best practices, is to bring the broken desks and benches which were made from iron and wooden materials back to the usage for the benefits of the students again. Also, the Institution, with its exemplary act of recasting the materials which were of no use and worthless into the refurbished and brand-new desks and benches, sets certain traits for the students successfully so that they could as well cultivate the sense of belonging of the public properties. Many laboratory equipments like pipettes and burettes were made out of the wooden wastage and put in into use by science Departments.

The Context

As the college is located on the very shore of the Bay of Bengal, it is susceptible that the iron desks and benches besides being damaged it also have got rusted due to the gust of wind from sea throughout the year. Out of the strenuous and undeterred hard work, some 300 sets of five seaters, from the scrapes of iron were put into use facilitating a better teaching and learning process to a next level.

The Practice

No Government College located across the State has ever taken this initiative to bringing the waste into worth the practice and reusable objects as this Institution has done as part of its Best Practices.

Evidence of Success

Also, it not an extolling but worth mentioning that in addition to Lecterns and Teachers’ table some 200 sets of wooden desks and benches were revived out of the heap of wooden planks. No doubt that these wooden Tables and benches would have the value of ancient artefact as they are recast from pure teak wood of the distant past.

Problems Encountered and Resources Required

The institution in its Herculean task of converting the worthless waste into the objects inestimable in worth in terms of its heritage values behind, has had certain formidable challenges like legal, financial and institutional factors which needed to be amicably addressed on its execution.
As this is a Government Arts college, due permission legally from the Government has been sought before taking up this remarkable work.
In addition to the legal procedures, there has been, yet another issue called financial constraint. With the amount granted from the Parent- Teachers Association, the renovation of wooden and iron desks and benches from the state of heap of scrapes to the state of artwork ever admirable has been successfully accomplished.

Title of the Practice “ARCHERY on campus”

Objectives of the Practice

The traditional art of Archery should be a fruit at hand to our rural students to stand tall in the National Arena.

The Context

Introducing Archery camps to our students thereby involving them to indulge in this target oriented traditional game. We are proud to say that Periyar Arts College, Cuddalore was the first Government College to Introduce Archery in the State.

The Practice

An Archery coach with self interest is allowed to train our students both men  and women with regular session everyday and it is open to all . First we have introduced the Indian Bow and motivated the students. Eventhough less number of students are involved in regular sessions the steadfast attitude will result its success in near future.
Every year we conduct Archery competition among the staff also. There are much eager in the arrow to reach the target.

Evidence of Success

In the beginning as an interest in “Balloon shooting in the beach” many of the students and staff joined as fantasy and some of  them were persistent and consistent in practice and we are satisfied by their improvement which lead us to step in the All India Inter University  Archery competition for both men and women for the first time in the History of our College .We assure a NATIONAL MEDAL in future.

Problems Encountered and Resources Required

The Indian Bow is affordable but the cost of compound and Recurve are costlier Apart from the expenses we have no hindrances.


  We can create a college Archery team /club  statewide which will lead us reach the altitude as a team if this is implemented as a scheme.